The Simpsons Forever
The Simpsons Forever
Episode 18 Season 2 7F05 November 8, 1990
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Dancin' Homer
  • Dancin' Homer
  • Dancin' Homer
  • Dancin' Homer
  • Dancin' Homer
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Episode Summary
While drinking a beer at Moe's Tavern, Homer recounts his adventures during the past few weeks. He begins with the family attending "Nuclear Power Plant Employee, Spouses, and No More Than Three Children Night" at the local minor league baseball stadium. Homer's hopes of letting loose at the ballpark are ruined when Mr. Burns and Smithers sit next to him. To Homer's surprise, Mr. Burns buys him several rounds of beer to show good company relations.

Soon, Homer is drunk. With the Springfield Isotopes down by three runs, an inebriated Homer excites the crowd with an impromptu dance and rallies the team to victory. The Isotopes owner offers Homer a job as the team mascot and the team goes on a winning streak. Before long, Homer is offered a job with the Capital City Capitals. The Simpsons sell everything and move to the big city.

Homer's break comes when he fills in for the Capital's mascot, the Capital City Goofball. However, his small-town routine flops before the big-city crowd and he is fired. Back in Springfield, the patrons of Moe's Tavern do not care about Homer's failure, only about his adventure. Homer realizes that, for the first time in his life, he has something to say that people want to hear.
Chalkboard Gag
Couch Gag
Couch Gag
  • SNPP employees arrive at the Springfield War Memorial Stadium in a Family Night bus for "Nuclear Plant Employees, Spouses and No More Than 3 Children Night"
  • The stadium sells Hot Dogs/Nachos, Pizza and Souvenires and advertisements / signs read Help Keep Your Stadium Clean Pitch In!, Drink Milk, Welcome to Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Family Night (Section Z), Duff Beer, Jumbo-Vision, $pringfield $avings Safe from 1890 - 1986, 1988 - , Royal Majesty Clothing for the Obese or Gangly - Gentleman -, Moe's Tavern Hit this Sign and Win a Free Well Drink, Girdles N' Such Fancy Lingerie The Springfield Mall, The Jerky! Sunday Night, Buzz Cola, Jake's Palace and Employee Section Nuclear Power Plant
  • Flash Baylor's note to Marge reads Springfield Kozy Kort Motel Room 26 How bout it? Flash
  • Bleeding Gums Murphy's National Anthem Starts at 7:30 pm and ends at 7:56 pm
  • Beer cost $1.25 each for jumbo size at the ballpark
  • The Shelbyville Villans lose to the Springfield Isotopes 6 - 7
  • Homer Simpsons' Company Outings card has 11 unhappy faces from the following events Luau, Picnic, Banquet, Baseball with a stamp Banned for Life
  • Springfield War Memorial Stadium Marquee reads: Springfield Isotopes Vs. Burlington Drifters Featuring Homer Simpson, Homer Simpson Springfield Isotopes Vs. Salem Boulevardiers, Dancin' Homer Tonight Springfield Vs. Shelbyville and Dancin Homer' Appreciation Night
  • Homer Dances to Baby Elephant Walk with or without a reggae beat
  • Signs and places in Capital City read: The Penny Loafer, To the Brave Men of the Army Reserve, Phil's Gas, Rucko's of Capital City, The Original Frenchies, News * Magazines, Duff Beer "Can't Get Enough of That Wonderful Duff", Laramie's, Buzz Cola, Bancroft's English Muffin, The Curvy Nail, The Dew Drop Bar, Bootleg T-Shirt Emporium, Cha Cha Cha, St. Dominics Cathedral, Health for Less, The Casbah Café, The Apple Saucery and You Are Now Leaving Capital City
  • The Simpsons stay at the Come Back Motel Color TV - Cable - Air Conditioning - Heat
  • The Capital City Goofball's jersey reads Goof and the number 0
Notable Characters in This Episode
Homer Simpson
Marge Simpson
Bart Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Maggie Simpson
Snowball II
Santa's Little Helper
Patty Bouvier
Selma Bouvier
Antoine Tex O'Hara
Barney Gumble
Bleeding Gums Murphy
Moe Szyslak
Mr. Burns
Ned Flanders
Waylon Smithers
Milhouse Van Houten
Capital City Goofball
Tony Bennett
Dan Horde
Dave Glass
Dave Rosenfield
Flash Baylor
Gammel Family
Helen Feesh
Mr. Winfield
Richie Sakai
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Guest Stars
Tony Bennett Tony Bennett Tony Bennett
as Tony Bennett
Tom Poston Capital City Goofball Tom Poston
as Capital City Goofball
In this Episode
SongCapital City
Ken Levine
David Isaacs
Mark Kirkland
James L. Brooks
Matt Groening
Sam Simon
Executive Producer(s)
James L. Brooks
Matt Groening created by
Sam Simon
Starring Cast
Dan Castellaneta
Julie Kavner
Nancy Cartwright
Yeardley Smith
Harry Shearer
Hank Azaria
Daryl L. Coley
Pamela Hayden
Ken Levine
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