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Framing Simpsons Cels
Framing Simpsons Cels
It is extremely important that animation cels are framed correctly. Negligence by a collector may lead to deterioration of your art over time. Cels can become damaged when they are exposed to extreme temperatures or left in direct sunlight. Properly framing your artwork with archival materials is the best way to protect your investment.

Professional Framing
We recommend that most collectors have their artwork framed by the gallery where they purchased their cel or use a local frame shop. Galleries and local frame shops staff professional framers who will know how to properly handle cels and use the correct materials to preserve the artwork in pristine condition. Custom framing will generally cost around $80.00 - $150.00.

Self-framing can be tricky with animation cels. Animation artwork requires special framing materials including: acid free matting, archival corners or tape, and special plexiglass to reduce natural sunlight coming through. If you have multiple pieces of art that you are looking to frame then buying the materials yourself will save you money in the long run. Please be careful when framing artwork by yourself!

Where to Buy Frames and Equipment?
Below are links to (2) trusted online stores where we recommend collectors shop for frames and equipment when attempting self-framing.

American Frame - High quality frames and framing tools. Their selection and prices can not be beat.

Picture - A wide selection of unique colors for metal frames.

Framing Templates
We have framed many animation cels over the years and have put together the the following templates to help collectors frame their cels.

Standard Framing (Triple Matting)
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