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Frequently Asked Questions
Below are frequently asked questions about Simpsons Cels which we often receive. If you have a question that is not listed, feel free to contact us.

How do I find a Simpsons Cel of a particular scene?
20th Century Fox distributes a limited amount of original production Simpsons cels for sale to the public each year and not all episodes have had cels released. Buyers tend to purchase choice cels very quickly when pieces are released. This makes it extremely difficult to find a cel from a particular scene at any given time. It is best to purchase something you like from the selection of cels which are currently available. Once a cel is purchased, it is possible that something similar may never be available for sale again.

Is it true that The Simpsons no longer use cels to create the show?
Yes, since season 14 (2003), the show has embraced advancements in technology and now uses a more cost effective digital system which eliminates the need for cels and the hand painting process altogether.

Are Simpsons cels with guest stars released?
Cels which feature a guest star who appears on the show as themselves are not released to the public. However, cels featuring characters who were voiced by guest stars are released. (Example: Cels with Sideshow Bob voiced by Kelsey Grammar are available but cels with the band Aerosmith voicing themselves are not.)

Simpsons Cels on Ebay: Are they authentic?
About 90% of the Simpsons cels listed for sale on eBay are not authentic or officially licensed by 20th Century Fox. As you can probably tell by the look of them, most are incomplete set-ups or were made by someone in their basement trying to make an extra buck. DON'T BE FOOLED. Never buy a piece of Simpsons animation artwork that does not have the official 20th Century Fox seal on it accompanied by the correct COA. You can find some legit pieces on eBay every now and then but it is always better to purchase a cel from a true authorized gallery. All of the galleries in the purchase section of this website are authorized by 20th Century Fox.

Why do some cels not match up exactly with what was shown on screen?
When producing a Simpsons episode with cels, cel layers are stacked on top of each other to create a scene. These layers contain character body parts, objects or backgrounds and are swapped out based on the movement a scene requires. When production cel set-ups are made available for sale, 20th Century Fox will use whatever is available from the archives to assemble a cel set-up. They attempt to recreate the scene as best as possible using whatever is available after an episode has been stored. Because of this, cel set-ups may contain layers that span across multiple frames of the show.

Are there really thousands of cels created for an episode of The Simpsons?
Yes, there are thousands of cels produced for an episode of The Simpsons when you add up all of the individual layers of every scene. Layers contain character body parts, objects, backgrounds, etc., and may even contain as little as (1) eyeball!

Why are there so little Simpsons cels released from an episode? Shouldn't there be more?
Production cels released from The Simpsons are actually cel set-ups. A cel set-up contains multiple cel layers placed over top of each other to produce a scene. Once the main portion of a cel-setup is released (usually a character's full body), that same scene will never again be able to have cel-setups released because there was only one main cel layer that featured the primary component in the scene. There will often be hundreds of other cels left over from the same scene but they are now useless. You can no longer piece together another full cel set-up using the remaining cel layers once the main component layer to the scene has already been released and sold.

Why are some Simpsons Cels wider than others?
In the animation of The Simpsons, some scenes require a different aspect ratio to produce a larger degree of movement. These cels are called "pan cels". The term refers to the way the camera will pan from side-to-side across a wider cel during filming. This is commonly found in group shots. Click here to see an an example of a pan cel.

How do you store animation artwork?
It is extremely important that animation cels are framed correctly. Negligence by a collector may lead to deterioration of your art over time. Cels can become damaged when they are exposed to extreme temperatures or left in direct sunlight. Properly framing your artwork with archival materials is the best way to protect your investment. Click here for more information. When storing artwork for long periods, cels should be enclosed in frames or archival cases and kept in a dark, climate controlled area away from extreme humidity.

Why should I purchase original Simpsons Artwork?
There is no better way to enjoy The Simpsons than having a piece of its' history hanging in your very own living room! Your original production cel will be a captured moment that will last a lifetime.

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