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The Simpsons Forever
Links to Purchase Simpsons Cels
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Comic Mint
Comic Mint is the most respected source for high quality Simpsons cels! Their selection of images and prestigious services dealing with cel collectors is unrivaled by other galleries. Gallery owner, Andrew Van Embden, has been serving the cel community for over 30 years. His knowlege, experience and passion makes for a great buying experience for collectors both new and old.

We are proud to team up with them to offer a 5% discount off all cels. Just enter promo code SIMPSONSFOREVER at checkout.
Other Galleries
  • Wonderful World of Animation has been dealing animation art longer than most galleries and is still a good source to look for cels.
  • Animation Connection offers a decent selection of Simpsons cels. If you are buying a cel from here please tell them Tino sent you !
  • Acme Archives sells their inventory of Simpsons cels directly to collectors after authorized galleries have the first pick.
  • GP Investment Collectables is a private collection located in Australia. George Pantela is an experienced dealer looking to sell, trade, or buy cels.
  • has improved their artwork and features over the years.
  • Animation Sensations is often sold out of pieces but when they have Simpsons cels in stock they are good images to browse for collectors.
  • Choice Collectibles has very few Simpsons cels available but is a website to browse often.
  • Premier Animation sells Simpsons cels and production drawings on occassion.
eBay, Amazon & 3rd Parties
About 90% of the Simpsons cels listed for sale on eBay, Amazon and 3rd party unauthorized websites are not authentic or officially licensed by 20th Century Fox. As you can probably tell by the look of them, most are incomplete set-ups or were made by someone in their basement trying to make an extra buck. DON'T BE FOOLED. Never buy a piece of Simpsons animation artwork that does not have the official 20th Century Fox seal on it accompanied by the correct COA. You can find some legit pieces on eBay every now and then but it is always better to purchase a cel from a true authorized gallery. All of the galleries listed above are authorized by 20th Century Fox.
If you know of a gallery that you think should be included in this section, feel free to contact us.

Websites for purchasing high quality frames can be found here.
Comic Mint - Save 5% Off All Cels! Enter Promo Code SIMPSONSFOREVER at Checkout