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The Simpsons Forever
Simpsons Cels Authenticity
20th Century Fox Seals on Original Production Cels 20th Century Fox Certificates of Authenticity for Original Production Cels
20th Century Fox Seal
All authentic Simpsons cels and artwork come with a 20th Century Fox official seal in one of the lower corners. There have been several types of seals used since cels from the Simpsons were released. These different types include: gold plating, holographic sticker, clear sticker, or gold stamped into the cel. Not all seals have a unique identication number on them. Older Simpsons cels have seals with a 20th Century Fox logo but no number listed. Simpsons drawings also come with one of the aforementioned seals or a 20th Century Fox stamp that is pressed into the drawing paper to represent a seal.

20th Century Fox Certificate of Authenticity
Along with a seal, all Simpsons cels and artwork are also accompanied with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity). 20th Century Fox has produced several different types of COAs for production cels over the years. Older COAs use the same design but one version was printed on white cardboard and the other on orange. Later versions feature different designs and are printed in full color.

Limited Editions, Sericels and Giclees
Limited Edition, Sericel and Giclee releases have unique seals and certificates of authenticity created for each release which are not shown in the images above. A unique number with the size of the edition will also be hand written on each piece. (ie. 50/100)

Any artwork that does not contain both a seal and COA are considered non-issued items by 20th Century Fox and not authentic.

"Accept no imitations, man!" - Bart
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