The Simpsons Forever
The Simpsons Forever
Episodes Season 1
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Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
Simpsons Roasting on an Open FireEpisode 1
Aired on December 17, 1989
Homer is forced to become a department store Santa when Marge spends the family's Christmas savings on removing Bart's tattoo.

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Bart the Genius
Bart the GeniusEpisode 2
Aired on January 14, 1990
Bart switches papers with class nerd Martin during an intelligence test at school. The school psychologist refers Bart to a new gifted school where he feels out of place.

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Homer's Odyssey
Homer's OdysseyEpisode 3
Aired on January 21, 1990
Homer is fired from his job as technical supervisor at the Power Plant. Unable to provide for his family, he contemplates ending it all until he discovers a new passion for safety.

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There's No Disgrace Like Home
There's No Disgrace Like HomeEpisode 4
Aired on January 28, 1990
Homer wonders if his family is too dysfunctional and enrolls them in family therapy. Dr. Marvin Monroe attempts to cure them with unorthodox psychiatric methods.

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Bart the General
Bart the GeneralEpisode 5
Aired on February 4, 1990
Bart becomes Nelson's latest school bullying target. Grampa Simpson and Herman rally the town's children into fighting back against Nelson and his cronies.

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Moaning Lisa
Moaning LisaEpisode 6
Aired on February 11, 1990
Lisa meets jazz musician Bleeding Gums Murphy who helps her cope with the blues. Meanwhile, Bart and Homer duke it out in video game boxing.

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The Call of the Simpsons
The Call of the SimpsonsEpisode 7
Aired on February 18, 1990
The Simpsons are lost in the woods on a camping excursion. Bart and Homer lose all their clothes while Maggie cuddles up with a family of bears.

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The Telltale Head
The Telltale HeadEpisode 8
Aired on February 25, 1990
An angry mob is after Bart when he cuts off the head of Jebediah Springfield's statue in an attempt to impress his peers.

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Life on the Fast Lane
Life on the Fast LaneEpisode 9
Aired on March 18, 1990
Marge takes bowling lessons after she receives an unwanted bowling bowl from Homer for her birthday. Love blossoms on the lanes when her instructor expresses feelings for her.

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Homer's Night Out
Homer's Night OutEpisode 10
Aired on March 25, 1990
Bart uses a spy camera to take a picture of Homer with a belly dancer at a stag party. The picture is seen by all of Springfield, including a very upset Marge.

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The Crepes of Wrath
The Crepes of WrathEpisode 11
Aired on April 15, 1990
The result of a bad prank sends Bart to France as part of a foreign exchange program. The remaining Simpson family must care for an Albanian boy while he is away.

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Krusty Gets Busted
Krusty Gets BustedEpisode 12
Aired on April 29, 1990
Homer witnesses a robbery at the Kwik-E-Mart and identifies Krusty the Clown as the culprit. A disbelieving Bart seeks Lisa's help in cracking the case.

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Some Enchanted Evening
Some Enchanted EveningEpisode 13
Aired on May 13, 1990
While Homer and Marge are out on a romantic evening, the kids are left with a wanted bandit as their babysitter.

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Episodes Season 1
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