The Simpsons Forever
The Simpsons Forever
Episode 49 Season 3 8F12 January 23, 1992
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Lisa the Greek
  • Lisa the Greek
  • Lisa the Greek
  • Lisa the Greek
  • Lisa the Greek
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Episode Summary
Lisa complains to Marge that Homer never gets involved with her interests. Marge suggests that Lisa take an interest in something her father does. Lisa watches a football game with Homer , who asks her to pick a team for a $50 bet.

Lisa's pick wins and Homer makes every Sunday during the football season Daddy-Daughter Day. Lisa studies the game and remains perfect in her picks for eight weeks, earning her father more and more money as the Super Bowl approaches. When Lisa asks Homer if they can go hiking the Sunday following the Super Bowl, he tells her that Daddy-Daughter Days are over until next football season.

Lisa is devastated. Homer feels bad for taking advantage of her and apologizes. Still upset, Lisa makes a Super Bowl bet. If Washington wins, she'll love Homer. If Buffalo wins, she won't. As a nervous Homer watches the game at Moe's Tavern, Washington comes from behind to win. The next Sunday, Homer and Lisa go hiking.
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