The Simpsons Forever
The Simpsons Forever
Episode 42 Season 3 8F02 January 31, 1991
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Treehouse of Horror II
  • Treehouse of Horror II
  • Treehouse of Horror II
  • Treehouse of Horror II
  • Treehouse of Horror II
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Episode Summary
Against Marge's wishes, Homer and the kids eat too much candy, sending them into nightmare land.

Lisa's Nightmare
Lisa dreams that the family is on vacation in Morocco, where Homer buys a magic monkey's paw that grants four wishes. Upon returning home, Maggie wishes for a brand new pacifier, Bart for fame and fortune, and Lisa for world peace.

Space aliens Kang and Kodos take advantage of Earth's new-found pacifism and invade the planet, making humans their slaves. Homer uses the last wish to get a turkey sandwich and throws out the paw, but Flanders picks it up and wishes the aliens away. He then wishes that his home turn into a castle.

Bart's Nightmare
Bart dreams that he has the power to both read minds and make things happen just by thinking about them When the townspeople have bad thoughts, he turns them into something grotesque. Everyone in Springfield lives in fear of Bart. They force themselves not to think anything bad about him. When Homer makes Bart angry, Bart turns him into a jack-in-the-box. Marge takes Bart and Homer to Dr. Marvin Monroe, who suggests that they spend more time with one another. After going out together and bonding, Bart makes Homer human again.

Homer's Nightmare
Homer dreams that Mr. Burns fires him and cuts out his brain, placing it in a robot that will become the perfect employee. When the experiment goes awry, Burns puts Homer's brain back into his head. The brainless robot falls on top of Burns, injuring him severely. In order for Burns to live, Smithers sews his head onto Homer's body. Homer awakens and is relieved to learn that he was only dreaming. Or was he? When Homer looks in the bathroom mirror, Burn's head is still attached to his.
Chalkboard Gag
There was no chalkboard gag for this episode.
Couch Gag
There was no couch gag for this episode.
  • The title sequence is a fly through Springfield Cemetery with tombstones of Babmi's Mom, Jim Morrison, Cajun Cooking, Walt Disney and Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How.
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